Feet Testimony

That happened to me! I woke up to a very sore foot.  I thought something bit me last night, or I slept with it in a bad position, or?? I figured it would work it self out.  On the 2nd day it was harder to walk then it was the 1st day, so I got on the net and started researching.  It took a while , but y research led me to gout.  The doctor route typically involves waiting room, exam, prescription, and staying off the foo 5-10 days.  Gout is a type of arthritis because of an accumulation of uric acid, usually a big toe…  The process is caused by putting too much purine into your body, red meat, alcohol, etc.  I found that tart cherry juice is the magic elixir. 
     I closed the lid on my laptop.  now what?  I’m a single man that can barely walk, but I can make it to my phone and car… so I called customer service at the grocery store I frequent, told the lady about the walking problem and asked if an employee could bring the juice to the front door.  (I really didn’t think I could make it to the juice section). the plan we came up with was for me to call her when I got close the front door and I’d pay for the juice from the car.  (I bought 3 bottles)  They had “Knudsen Tart Cherry Juice”.  I started drinking in the parking lot, drank while driving home, put the rest in the fridge, hit the sack and started walking better the next day and I was off and running.                                                                                  Image result for knudsen cherry juiceBob


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